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NameGradeCourseContact info
Fragiskos KalavasisProfessorChildren's Book, Educational Material and Mathematical SciencePhone: 22410 99122,
Email: kalabas@rhodes.aegean.gr
Anastasios KodakosProfessorHistory and Pedagogy of the MediaPhone: 22410 99123,
Email: kodak@rhodes.aegean.gr
Diamanti Anagnostopoulou ProfessorTheories of Literary Reading and Literary Reception in Education
Youth adult fiction - Teenage Novel
Phone: 22410 99125 ,
Email: anagnost@rhodes.aegean.gr
Ioannis PapadopoulosProfessorPedagogical Act and Theatrical Art
Pedagogical Material for Experiential Method of Teaching
Email: papadopoulos@rhodes.aegean.gr
Soultana KafoussiProfessorChildren's Book, Educational Material and Mathematical SciencePhone: 22410 99140,
Email: kafoussi@rhodes.aegean.gr
Elena Theodoropoulou ProfessorChildren's Book and Philosophy for ChildrenPhone: 22410 99150,
Chrysanthi SkoumpourdiProfessorEducational Material in MathematicsPhone: 22410 99144,
Email: kara@rhodes.aegean.gr
Marianna MisiouProfessorTheory of Children's Literature
Illustrated Children's Book
Phone: 2241099155
Email: missiou@rhodes.aegean.gr
Ioannis PapadatosAssistant ProfessorTheory of Children Literature
Nonfiction Books for Children
Email: jpapadatos@aegean.gr
Athanasios MichalisAssistant ProfessorLanguage Pedagogical MaterialEmail: michathan@ppp.uoa.gr
Georgios KatsadorosAssistant ProfessorMyths, tales and Gender RepresentationsPhone: 22410 99231,
Email: katsadoros@rhodes.aegean.gr
Aspasia MastrogianniAssistant ProfessorPedagogical Material and ArtPhone: 2241099235,
Email: mastrogianni@rhodes.aegean.gr
Georgios FessakisAssistant ProfessorTechnological Educational Material Educational GamePhone: 22410 99151,
Email: gfesakis@rhodes.aegean.gr
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