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The Postgraduate Studies Programme awards a Master Degree (or Postgraduate Degree of Specialization) to students who collect 90 credit units according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). They should attend five (5) core courses in the first semester, five (5) orientation courses in the second semester as well as hand in a dissertation – Master’s Thesis – on a particular area of interest in the third semester. Each course is equivalent to six (6) credit units while Master’s Thesis is equivalent to thirty (30) credit units (ECTS).

Lists of courses / ECTS

Core Courses - First Semester30 ECTS
Theories of Literary Reading and Literary Reception in Education6
Theory of Children Literature6
Pedagogical Act and Theatrical Art6
History and Pedagogy of the Media6
Children's Book, Educational Material and Mathematics6

Children's Book Orientation - Second Semester30 ECTS
Children Philosophy and Literary: Philosophy for/with Children and Literary6
Youth adult fiction - Teenage Novel6
Illustrated Children's Book6
Myths, tales and Gender Representations6
Nonfiction Books for Children6

Educational Material Orientation - Second Semester30 ECTS
Pedagogical Material for Experiential Method of Teaching6
Technological Educational Material6
Educational Material for Mathematics6
Art as Educational Material6
Language Pedagogical Material6

Dissertation (Master’s Thesis) - Third Semester30 ECTS


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