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The main aim of the Postgraduate Studies Programme in “Children’s Book and Educational Material” is the education and training of specialized scientists, capable of exploiting children’s books and designing educational material, acquiring the ‘know-how’ so as to contribute effectively to the encounter of new educational, reading and social problems.

More specifically, the Programme aims at a detailed theoretical study of the fields of children’s books and children literature, of the educational material and educational games as well as at the comprehension and management of the relations of antagonism, complementation or interaction between the children’s books – reading matter and new technologies in the contemporary learning and educational setting.

The graduates of the Postgraduate Studies Programme will be able to work for the exploitation of:


The exploitation of the extra-curricular books at school


The cultivation of a reading desire


The design of the production and exploitation of older and development of more contemporary types of educational material

Harmonious co-existence

For the harmonious co-existence of book – reading matter with new technologies and the cross-curricular approach to education



The research and study of the field of Children’s Literature

The research and study of the field of Children’s Literature and more generally of the children’s books (fiction books, picture books, illustrated books, comics, magazines, non-fiction books).

The Education of Human Resources

The integrated education and training of human resources who will be able to deal with the design and implementation of the educational material (educational games and language, science, mathematics, arts multimedia) on all levels and fields of education.

The specialization of teachers

The specialization of teachers in order to be provided with knowledge on new perceptions about literature, new teaching methods, reading practices and on the other hand to be able to contribute to the substantial acquisition of new views and new instruments, aiming at the creation of such a scientific framework which will be able to support teachers through essential and active training and set their creative potential free during classroom teaching.

Development of educational material

The development of educational material aiming at a playful, active, creative and cross-curricular learning.
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